| GoPower Holder C2 Universal Smartphone Car Charger Holder (2 USB + Cigar Socket)



| Introduction |
Universal Car Charger Holder with Dual USB Ports and Cigar Socket provide safe and secure solution for your Smartphone and your tablet PC. The adjustable cradle works with various Smartphone. It also rotates for viewing in portrait or landscape profiles. And the flexible gooseneck allows you to turn the entire device towards or away from the driver. Dual USB ports suitable for charge many electronics USB device such as Mobile phone, Smartphone and Tablet.
| Compability |
| Colour Option |

Full 360 degree rotation
in either direction. Portrait and landscape.

  • Adjustable cradle width Up to 82mm suitable for your Smartphone.
  • Flexible neck can be twisted and bended to position the holder at easy to reach positions.
  • Come with a cigar socket and dual USB ports.
  • Dual USB ports which can be charge two devices quickly at the same time (Total Max 2.1A).
  • Built-in charging circuitry protects your car against backflow current.
  • Suitable for charge electronics USB device such as Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Dimension (mm) : 322 * 90 * 58
  • Weight : 175g