| GoMobile-Clip180 Universal Smartphone Sun Visor Clip-Holder



| Introduction |
SDM180 can be mounted onto your car's sun visor for convenient hands free calling or navigation. It is can hold your device securely in place as you drive, even if you've decided to fit it with a protective skin or case, simply clip it to the sun visor in front of the windscreen.
| Compability |
| Colour Option |

Silicon lined grid
keeps your phone and other devices of all shape safe and secure.

  • It can be clipped to your car Sun Visor for convenience.
  • Easy to assemble, and adjusted with a variety of different angles.
  • The short length of the bearing devices is within 120mm.
  • Dimension : 112(L) x 105(W) 73(H) mm
  • Weight : 95g