| GOGO-HOLDER Universal Car Windshield Mount Holder for Tablet PC



| Introduction |
SDM280 GoGo Holder, the perfect car mount holder re-invented for tablet PC. It is adjustable to all Tablet PC as well with its witty design, durable quality and flexibility. With an extra large suction cup gooseneck, this mount is very strong and offers a secure fix on most vehicle windscreens, enabling vehicle passengers to safely view and use their tablet PC while travelling.
| Compability |
| Colour Option |

Ideal for Tablets PC, Galaxy Tab, iPad 1/ 2, new iPad
or maximum thickness at the edge of 26 mm.

  • Adjustable rubber brace fits 7–10” Tablet PC.
  • Ideal for display Tablet PC in vertically or horizontally.
  • Extra-large suction cup (92mm) for holding heavy Tablet PC.
  • The gooseneck design mount design allows the length and depth can be adjustable.
  • 16mm to 26mm adjustable stopper with anti-skid design.
  • Weight : 245g