| i-CRYTAL Screen Guard Protector For iPad



| Introduction |
i-Crytal Screen Protector is a very durable and scratch-free screen protector guard for iPad and iPad2.Transparent Screen to make your iPad and iPad2 feel like not posted up the same, It just like normal screen. The Screen Protector keeping your screen face always looking new. It is the perfect product if you put your device in iPad and iPad2 cases or backpack.
| Compability |

Anti-glare Finish
Anti-glare finish eliminates glare for easy viewing.

  • High Transparency
    High transparency maximized readability while protecting your screen.

  • Anti-Static
    Anti-static, so dust won’t build up on your screen.

  • Anti-Scratch
    Surface intensity: 4.1H, no taint, 99% crystal clear.

  • No-hassle operation
    No-hassle operation—Prism is as sensitive as the original iPad screen.

  • Protection
    UV rays protection.

  • Multi-layer premium graded film
    Multi-layer premium graded film gives you long-lasting protection.

  • Easy
    Easy to apply and remove.

  • Smooth
    No squeegee necessary—just smooth on with your fingertips

  • Quality
    Expect better quality than any other screen protectors