| TAB2-CRYSTAL 700 Galaxy Tab2 7.0" Screen Protector P3110 / P3100



| Introduction |
Keep your Tablet looking as good as the day you bought it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 5.5” screen protector provides a clear protective shield for your Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 5.5” screen, preventing scratches and cosmetic damage from everyday use.
| Compability |

Multi-layer premium graded film
Multi-layer premium graded film gives you long-lasting protection.

  • High Transparency
    High transparency to preserve the high resolution and vivid colors of your display.

  • Anti-glare finish
    Anti-glare finish eliminates glare for easy viewing.

  • Anti-Static
    Anti-static, so dust won’t build up on your screen.

  • Anti-Scratch
    Surface intensity: 4.1H, no taint.

  • No-hassle operation
    No-hassle operation—Prism is as sensitive as the original screen.

  • UV Protection
    Reduces the strain of your eyes by blocking 99% of the UV emitted from your screen.

  • Easy
    Easy to apply and leave no residue when you remove from your screen.

  • Smooth
    No squeegee necessary—just smooth on with your fingertips.

  • Quality
    Made from high quality P.E.T material