| EXTEND-2 400 Executive Stylus Smart Pen



| Introduction |
The eXtend-2 400 Stylus Pen for Tablet PC perfect for use on capacitive touch screens such as the iPad, iPhone and other Tablet PC. It is sensitive to type or tap as so to work quickly and accurately. With a 3.5mm tip ensures the stylus can be attached and secured when not in use. Whether you’re in the office, at home or out and about, it’s convenient to take along with your Tablet PC.
| Compability |
| Colour Option |

Slim design and easy carrying
with 3.5mm tip.

  • Pull up can be extend, in writing painting can be more easily.
  • Removable cap for exposes Stylus tip.
  • Accurate touch on note pad, phonebook, calculator, music, and game.
  • Suitable for various Tablet PC and other mobile devices with a touch screen.
  • Keep your touch screen free from scratches and fingerprint.
  • Dimension : 63 * 9( Close )
  • Weight : 15g